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Health 2.0’s original tag line of ‘user-generated healthcare’ contains the germ of a compelling idea—patients are using new tools to guide their own care. And now those tools are starting to integrate with the health care system. Doctors, patients, and health care organizations are all starting to use a new generation of online and mobile technologies which are fundamentally changing the way health care works.  Health 2.0 holds the leading conference showcasing cutting-edge innovation and disruptive technology that is transforming all aspects of health and health care.  Health 2.0 grass-roots chapters are organized from Tokyo to Berlin, New York to San Diego.

Austin’s chapter will be dedicated to advancing innovations that focus on improving healthcare with the active involvement of patients, healthcare providers, administrators, designers, developers, engineers, students, entrepreneurs, lawyers, free thinkers and anyone interested in empowering patients and engaging providers through health information technology.

We will be looking for start-ups and individuals to present the ideas or products they are working on.  We will be asking providers and patients to give their input on what works and what they want.  We will encourage discussion of all things innovation in healthcare.  We will enable more established companies and groups to get their messages out to the community through sponsorship and speaking.  And we will hold various events in Austin to bring together the Health 2.0 community.

Meet the founders of the chapter:

Erin Gilmer, J.D.

Erin Gilmer is a patient navigator and health policy attorney at Gilmer Law.  She graduated from University of Colorado Law School in 2008, spending her last year at the University of Houston Health Law and Policy Center.  She previously worked for the Texas State Legislature and several non-profits and is devoted toward helping realize that health is a human right.  Erin enjoys reading, blogging at www.healthasahumanright.wordpress.com, and volunteering.

Naveen Rao is a health care professional with an eye towards technology-enabled, person-centered reform. He is a new Austin transplant after working in Washington, DC and growing up outside of Boston. His background includes three years of quality improvement consulting with health plans in DC, serving as a regulatory compliance officer with a startup EHR vendor from Korea, and marketing experience in the global medical travel industry. Prior to that he obtained his bachelors and masters degree from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. He was also awarded an ONC certificate for Health IT through George Washington University. He currently works as a market research analyst at Chilmark Research. He is an avid blogger, reader, and tweeter.

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