Health 2.0’s Boston Big Data Code-a-Thon

Held at athenahealth, Health 2.0’s Boston Big Data Code-a-Thon was a success!  Health 2.0 handed out more than $10,000 in prizes courtesy of the ONC to the winners of the event and one project will be demoing at MatchPoint this Tuesday afternoon.

The event’s theme was using “big-data” to create and leverage publicly available technologies which intelligently mine, archive, present and visualize massive data-sets. Health 2.0 challenged developers to make sense of high volumes information in a way that will positively influence the care decisions of both providers and patients alike.

The day started off with a little background about Health 2.0’s conferences and developer challenges.  Then the fun began!  People from all fields – developers/coders, doctors, business development, patient advocates, and others – stood up and talked about ideas they wanted to address in health care.  Then teams gathered together, finding common interests and set to work finding massive data sets and integrating them into a useable prototype.

Health 2.0′ers ready to disrupt health care

Less than 8 hours later, teams presented their ideas to a panel of judges including representatives from AT&T mHealth, AthenaHealth, and Health 2.0.  The ideas were amazing and the prototypes were interesting.  Starting with the runners up:

  • Team Data Driven – a way to help people find the healthiest neighborhoods
  • I Am Sick – an app to help you and your social circle track your illnesses together
  • StayDays – predicting how long patients will stay in the hospital based on their condition
  • Aavya Health – visualizing your lab results and providing information on how to change your behavior to reduce risk factors for poor health

In third place with $1,000: Brain Safe – using a sensor, a child can move a ball based on the level of brain waves to assess if they might have a concussion before going on the field for sports

In second place with $3,000: My Better Fit – aggregating common treatments and their side effects, this prototype showed how to find the best (or what might be the worst) regimens for patients.

And the Winner of $4,000 in prizes, a trip to athenahealth’s More Disruption Please conference this September in Maine, and featured on the stage at MatchPoint on Tuesday…

No Sleep Kills who used data from to understand sleep deprivation and overall health.

This was my first code-a-thon.  I was quite taken aback by the caliber of ideas and actual programs that came together in such a short time.  I can’t wait to see what the Austin community will come up with when we have our own code-a-thon this summer – Code Rodeo.  Our cowboy coders will blow them away!

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