Meet-n-Greet Happy Hour – A Great Success!

Some Companies, Some Individuals and a Senator walk into a Bar…

Well, in case you missed it, our inaugural meet-n-greet happy hour was yesterday. And it was a great success!  We lost count of how many people showed up overall, but there were 50+ in attendance over the course of the evening. Thanks to generous support from our sponsor for the night, WCG, we were able to keep the drinks flowing and the conversation going even after the event officially ended.

More than the number of people who showed up to meet and mingle, we were really impressed with the diversity of the crowd and the interesting backgrounds that people brought to the party.

(note – If you’d like to be added to the list below, please leave a comment or use the contact form to get in touch!)

Over A Dozen Organizations

Austin: The state capitol, and soon a health IT capital as well.

…running the gamut of startups, non-profits and public groups. These are just a few of the ones who we spoke to:

  • Escalation Point/Visible Health who are navigating the booming world of health IT software with a product suite that includes the buzzworthy DrawMD app.
  • Ringful Health, an established pioneer in patient-centered hospital IT.
  • 1-800-Oncologist, a subsidiary of PCM, who won the flashmob award of the night with their group of at least 10 blue-shirted staff celebrating their newly launched website.
  • Texas E-Health Alliance, who held a meeting at the capitol earlier in the day. Special thanks to Nora for her support and for steering folks over to the bar!

Some really interesting individuals

Many folks simply showed up in search of a community of fellow healthcare enthusiasts. These are just a few people to watch out for – there are plenty of others, too.

  • Julia, an IT expert pursuing her graduate degree in biomedical informatics as she transitions into healthcare full time.
  •  Terry, a self-described IT guy with a health IT company of his own in the works.
  • Dan, a digital strategist with a deep patient-centrist streak.

Enter Senator Watson

One of the highlights of the night for us was when State Senator Kirk Watson walked through the door, legislative aide in tow. You’re familiar with Sen. Watson’s HealthyATX movement that will lead to the transformation of Austin through things like setting up an incubuator, improving the health care delivery systems, and most importantly, creating a medical school right here in Austin.  It was a great show of support for our work at Austin Health2.0. We’re excited to work together with this initiative as we continue to grow and build our community.

Thanks for coming – and for helping us Grow

We’re a growing community, and we need your help! We’ll post shortly about our next event on May 23 – but until then, here’s what we’d like to ask of you, in no particular order:

  • Share your contact information with us if you haven’t already
  • Join our LinkedIn group
  • Follow our blog via RSS or email (on our frontpage to the right)
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Write a guest post on this blog, or write about us on your own!
  • Share links, tweets and articles with your friends and colleagues to further enrich this community.

We’re looking forward to building this community with your help, and transforming Austin in a true center for health care innovation!

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